Ratan Tata message on online hate wins praise

Ratan Tata shares a message on online hate and bullying, wins praise online: 

Industrialist Ratan Tata is loved by people for his thoughts and his recent post urging people to be kind to one another, especially while interacting on social media, has won hearts all over. 

The post that he shared on Instagram went viral on the internet. He wrote: “This year has been full of challenges for everyone, on some level or the other. I see the online community being hurtful to each other, bringing each other down harshly and with quick judgment.”

“I believe this year especially calls for us to be unified and helpful and is not the time to pull each other down. More sensitivity towards each other, more kindness and more of understanding and patience than what one sees today,” wrote Tata in an attempt to inspire people to be more thoughtful and kind.

Check out his full post below: 


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As he has a following of over two million, it did not take long for Ratan Tata’s post to go viral. However many people praised him for speaking against online bullying and trolling. “Yes sir it’s kind of you to share these words which really means a lot,” wrote a user on Tata’s post.