Ranbir & Alia’ photoshopped shaadi pic goes viral

Alia and Ranbir’s photoshopped picture is just too adorable:

Ever since the popular stars Ranbir Kapoor and Alia Bhatt have revealed their relationship the duo always catch our eye! From quite a long time the rumors about their wedding are doing the rounds and the reason behind such speculations is, the way they both are seen hanging out with each other’s families.

Now, recently one of their fans has shared an edited version of them tying the knot and everyone is drooling over it. Through these beautifully photoshopped pictures, fans can visualize how they both would look together as a bride and groom. The shots have also fooled some who are believing that they had actually got married.

Check out the picture here:

Ranbir’s face has been switched with the male-model who plays Alia’s groom in a recently released advertisement.

Check out the real shots here:

In an interview when Alia was asked about their wedding, she had said, “I don’t understand the need for everyone to discuss this [my wedding] all the time. But then, I think to myself that it’s a simple question and my answer remains the same. If I’m not getting married right now, that’s what I’ll say. I’m happy being in a relationship, but that doesn’t mean I’m tying the knot just yet. I’m too young to think about it. When I feel there’s a need to be in a stronger bond with him, we will come to it. But right now, I’m married to my work and I also have my relationship going well on the side.”