Shweta Bachchan makes her acting debut!

Amitabh Bachchan and Shweta Nanda’s First Advertisement Together:

Although this father-daughter jodi has already won many hearts but for the first time they are seen together on small screen for Kalyan Jewellers, for which Amitabh is an ambassador. The best part about this advertisement is that it talks about right and wrong.Both Amitabh and Shweta took to Twitter to share the video. While Shweta posted a tweet that said, “Here is our little labour of love xx @SrBachchan.” Amitabh posted the commercial on his Twitter handle with a post that read, “Emotional moment for me .. tears welling up every time I see it .. daughters are the BEST !!”

Check out the ad here :

Shweta looks lovely in a simple, traditional attire with her hair behind her in a neat bun. The commercial showcases the sweet bond of a father and his daughter.In the video Shweta with her father visit a bank to get their passbook checked because of some pension issue. The bank employees ask them to go and visit the bank manager where the manager checks the passbook and says that the pension has already been added to the account. To this, Shweta says, “It has been added twice!” After this, the manager says it’s a good thing if its added twice you got more money what’s the harm. To which Shweta replies, “My father will not be okay with accepting this money.” Even after this, the bank official suggests them that nobody will get to know this and then Amitabh replies, “I will” and the ad ends with a righteous note.