Some unknown secret’s about Bigg Boss

Check out some shocking secrets about the Bigg Boss house:

From its very first season back in 2006, Bigg Boss has become the favorite reality show of many people. It is the only show that is a complete package of sentiments, thrill, controversies, and gossips.

Every year a new season of Bigg Boss comes and then starts the drama and controversies. Don’t you think it is unfair to see the happenings of 24 hours in just one hour? Don’t you feel like you miss on many things about your favorite show? We only get to see filtered things on TV, but only the contestants know the whole truth. So here are some secrets revealed by few contestants who stayed in the Bigg Boss:

  • No alcohol is provided to contestants inside the house. Drugs and drinking were strictly prohibited inside the Bigg Boss house.
  • Whole week contestants cook their meals every day, but on weekends they get food from outside that is prepared by Salman Khan’s chef. So during the Weekend ka Vaar episodes, the contestant eat food bought by Salman Khan.
  • The luggage of the contestants is checked and screened before entering the Big Boss house. No caps, sunglasses, books, blow dryer and big check clothes are allowed inside the house. Big checks look weird on TV and are prohibited on screen!
  • Other than the eviction or elimination if the contestant wants to leave the Bigg Boss house for any reason, they were supposed to pay a fine of INR 2 crore to the makers. This was one of the clauses under the agreement signed by each and every contestant.

    • Because there is a forest area near the house, there were many pests inside the house. Some of them were very creepy as well.
    • The weekend ka vaar episodes with Salman Khan are shot for 12 hours.
    • There is a glass boundary inside the house through which the crew members look after the happening in the house. So other than the cameras the contestant are viewed by crew members as well. Also, the sounds of the crew members were audible to the contestants.

      • According to some sources, the Bigg Boss house is haunted, as crew members and contestant have experienced some paranormal activities inside the house.

    • Before entering the Bigg Boss house from the hotel till the vanity van all the contestants are blindfolded and masked so that they don’t get to know where they are. Also because if someone would see them then they might leak their names to the media.
    • The contestants are not aware of the time. They do not have any clue about the timings in the day.
    • Saturday is a free day that means the footage of Saturday was not telecasted not television, it is always clubbed with the Sunday episode. No task is usually given on Saturday and the contestants were allowed to spend their time doing what they want.

      • The contestants are used to do only some of the cleaning by themselves, proper cleaning is done by the cleaning staff at night. And we have seen contestants fighting a lot for cleaning stuff, shocking?

    • The bitching, gossips, intimate scenes and even something bad said by Salman Khan is edited out and is not telecasted on television. What you see on TV is a total filtered version.

  • Salman Khan receives a DVD of every episode and he himself decides what to say on the weekend episode. He doesn’t follow what the scriptwriter writes.

Aren’t these secrets shocking?