SRK’s wish for a newlywed couple goes viral

A couple went at SRK’s house to seek blessings:

Shahrukh Khan is one of the most popular Bollywood actors who has millions of fans and for all of them want a glance of him! Though many-die heart fans put their effort to meet him but not everyone gets that lucky chance so some gets satisfied by visiting his residence Mannat. Bollywood Badshah’s home is not less than a pilgrimage site for all his crazy lovers and recently a newlywed couple has proved it in a most unique way.

 SRK’s wish for a Newlywed couple goes viral

A twitter user @dhruvp2894 went outside SRK’s house to seek blessings with his partner just after tying the knot with her. He shared a picture with his wife in which they both are doing the signature SRK pose and captioned it as “They say visit temple after you are hitched, We did it right !!!!”

He also thanked SRK for seeing and waving at them He wrote “we know you saw us and waved!!!! Thanks alotttt sirrr!!!! Thanks for making this special day, perfect!!!!” he added.

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What amazed people was SRK’s sweet gesture for the newlywed couple. SRK replied on the couple’s post and wrote GOD BLESS YOU for them.

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Since this post has come on social media people could not resist from commenting on it.

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