Surf Excel trolled for its recent Holi ad

Netizens react on Surf Excels latest ad:

From last one-week Surf Excel’s new Holi ad with the hashtag, #BoycottSurfExcel has been trending on social media. The advertisement features a bond between a Hindu girl and a Muslim Boy.

The ad shows a small girl riding a bicycle and asking all the kids in her neighborhood to throw color water balloons on her. As she rides her cycle through the lane, kids throw balloons on her and after all their balloon and color finishes she calls out her friend outside who turns out to be a Muslim boy wearing a white suit. She takes him on her cycle and drops him at the nearby mosque where he has to go and pray. At last, the ad finishes with the brand’s popular tagline, “Daag achche hain”.

Though the company tried to spread a good message through this ad but people on social media had mixed reactions to it. Some really appreciated Surf Excel for using such a nice idea while others criticized them for supporting Muslims. Some users also asked Surf Excel to make an ad on Muharram where a Muslim boy is shown protecting a Hindu girl to the temple while other said, “Surf Excel ad is humiliating Muslim girls to the core.

Check out the ad here:

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