Swara trolled as PM of India and she must resign

Hilarious trolls for Swara Bhaskar:

Swara is one of the bluntest and bold actresses of Bollywood. She never takes a step back in keeping her views on any social issue and always raises her voice for the right cause. She has been trolled many times for her fearless attitude but the Actress always gave a backfire answer to all the trolls. Swara also gave her opinion for external affairs minister Sushma Swaraj, after she got trolled for issuing passports to an inter-faith couple in Lucknow. Her brave approach has made her a target for people posting negative comments against her. This time again a buzz related to her has been created on social media because of the recently made page named as ‘Prime Minister Swara Bhaskar’ on twitter. The bio of the page reads, “Honorary Prime Minister of India. Parody account”. After discovering this account Swara retweeted on it and since then the whole page is being flooded by comments that why Swara should resign. The page consists of photoshopped pictures of Swara sitting as a PM and giving a speech.

Check out these trolls here:

Swara Bhasker’s Retweet on the page :