Temperature drop in Delhi inspires memes on twitter

Here is how everyone in Delhi is dealing with dropping temperature and creating funny memes.

The unbearable cold in Delhi is something that everyone is struggling with and we can’t help but take help of humor to deal with it.

The dropping temperature has brought out our heaviest jackets and well, Delhites has a funny take on the current weather conditions.

Twitter is flooding with memes about Delhi winters. The capital recorded the lowest temperature of 2.4 degrees and is also the lowest since 1901. The entire city is struggling to stay warm so the creative minds of the internet decided to share how they feel about it.

Many trending memes are inspired by previously viral posts and hashtags like #DelhiWinter and #dillikisardi are currently trending as well.

Here are some hilarious memes that you can warm up to and are all over the internet-

A tough winter is predicted and no relief is being expected. Stay warm, cover-up yourself and don’t forget to share your funny take on Delhi winters for others to enjoy!