The new Mauka-Mauka ad angers Pakistani fans

Pakistani’s reactions on Mauka-Mauka ad:

Though it has been many years since Mauka-Mauka ad on Indian and Pakistan’s match have been released, but even today people are crazy for it and always love to watch it. Recently in between the fever of World Cup this Mauka Mauka is back with a bang and this time it’s on the Indo-Pak match on the 16th of June 2019.

The ad is very funny and is humorously showing Pakistan’s record against India in ICC events. As its father’s day on 16th June so, the star sports have cleverly used this in their advertisement to hit the target audience.

It shows a Pakistani son remembering his father’s words that never lose hope and keep trying, what is savage in the entire ad is the reply of the Indian fan.

Check out the ad here:

Many people liked this ad but it did not go well with the Pakistanis fans and thus they wrote negative comments for it. Check them out below: