Twitter loses it as Gulab Jamun called Indian Fried Doughnut

Check out people reacted to someone calling gulab jamun an “Indian Fried Doughnut”:

Our food and culture is our pride and we do not take a step back when it comes to teaching a few people about what’s what. In a recent incident Twitterati roasted an international Channel, Tasty for messing up with our favorite dessert, Gulab Jamun.

A famous food network that is known for leaving people drooling over their delicious dishes and recipes recently published a video of Gulab Jamuns calling them ‘ Indian Fried Doughnuts’ and Indians were not happy about it.

Though the recipe was on point, Indians all over the world were not pleased by the name given to their favorite dessert. To show their dissatisfaction, they took to Twitter. The one-minute video on how to make gulab jamuns became the subject of a social-media food war thanks.

Have a look:

Check out the meme war, They will surely leave you in splits:

Image credits: Curly Tales