The viral ‘dancing uncle’ is a professor IRL

Sanjeev Shrivastava, famously known as Dancing uncle has become an overnight sensation:

Sanjeev Shrivastava, the Dancing Uncle has been everywhere online ever since his dance videos went viral. The 46-year-old assistant professor of Electronics from Madhya Pradesh says he has not been able to attend college since the past few days and the reason for it is he has been busy answering phone calls and meeting people.

Sanjeev posted a video where he is seen dancing and his moves in the clip has made people all over social media go mad for his dance steps. He said in an interview to, “I haven’t been able to sleep in the past 3-4 days… My life has changed overnight. My family, and especially my children are yet to come to terms with whatever is happening.”

Sanjeev Shrivastava whose dance made him a star overnight returned from Mumbai recently after meeting actor Suniel Shetty. Not only Bollywood celebs but even the Chief Minister of Madhya Pradesh, Shivraj Singh Chouhan posted a message for him on social media and congratulated him. Shrivastava says, “It is a huge thing when somebody as busy as the Chief Minister takes out time and posts such a message for you on social media,” The professor has also been made the brand ambassador of Vidisha Municipal Corporation.

Here we bring you the videos that made him a celebrity and why he is been called the “Dancing uncle”!