These desi Squid Games memes are hilarious 

Check out these hilarious squid games memes with a desi twist: 

The Squid games have been trending in India for quite some time now, the show is a little gruesome though, but it has triggered some hilarious memes as people have been coming up with desi contexts. The Korean show was released in September, and it has emerged as a fan favorite in India and worldwide for its mind-blowing plots and twists. 

Inspired by Korean Children’s games it has become a point of discussion of how far the “have nots’ ‘ are willing to go for money. It is reported that it took the makers 10 years to complete the show. Although there are many violent depictions and heartbreaking scenes in the show, memes are surely making people laugh. 

Desi memers are giving Squid games a twist. Check out the funniest ones below: