Signs of a true friend


You can have many friends but a best friend  is difficult to find. A good friend is your soul mate, you share your most embarrassing moments with her (at times she is a part of them), cry on her shoulder on being dumped and she knows what you are thinking before you utter a word. A best friend lets you confide your deepest feelings and thoughts without being judgmental. Are you confused, is she your true friend? Read on to know the traits

Happy for you: If you are happy, she will always be happy for you. There won’t  be a jealous bone in her body even if you become super rich, get married or ace ahead of her professionally. She will pray for your success and vice versa.

No competition: Often many friendships are based on competition like she has an iPhone 4S so I will pick a iPhone 5. Such friendships usually don’t last long. But a true friend will because competition will never let a friendship flourish.

Honesty: Often we meet people and tell them how good they look but a best friend will point out if you look foolish! No fake complimenting but a true friend will always criticise you personally (never in front of others).

Helpful: Obviously only a true friend will pick your call at 3 AM and be willing to help you. Never take such people for granted. There won’t be many friends who will be willing to put in the same effort for you as your best friend.

Friends sharing a secret/freedigitalphotos

Listens to you: Whether you want to bitch about your in laws or criticise yourself, a BFF will always hear you out and sometimes help you find that calm you are looking for. But never test her patience by ranting out your anger on her.

Adapts to your situation: Sometimes childhood friendship changes as you go out and meet new people. This spoils many a good friendship but a true friend will evolve and change with your situation without cribbing too much: from school to college to work to breakups to marriage to kids.

Like Sex and the City your BFF’s will never give up on you and you won’t do anything to hurt them. So sit down and give a call to your BFF’s you might not meet often but they shall always be there for you. Treasure that and remain in touch with them.