Things we know about the Virat-Anushka Wedding

Virushka fans are super excited!

Virat and Anushka
Virat and Anushka

While the world is excited about the mystery of this high profile shaadi of Virat and Anushka, many fans like us, are looking for updates. After all two powerful youth icons tying the knot in secret is just perfect in this day where paparazzi is more common than guests at such events. So here are a few updates about the dreamy secret Virushka wedding:

They may have tied the knot already!

Wait, What? Well if a tweet by a known sports journalist is to be believed, Virat and Anushka are already married and have tied the knot over the weekend, on Saturday precisely and the official announcement shall follow soon!

Pandit Ji in Tuscany

Virat Anushka wedding venueWhile going to Tuscany, Anushka also took a pandit with them. Now, who holidays with a pandit if there are no rituals involved!

Anushka’s dream wedding

Anushka during an interview earlier this year with Harper’s Bazaar Bride said that she would love to get married in a vineyard, which is precisely what Borgo Finocchieto, a luxury villa in Tuscany is.

No celebs at Virushka Wedding

Virat Anushka
Virat Anushka

Contrary to many reports no celeb has been invited to the wedding. Shah Rukh Khan is not invited wither but he is aware of the Virushka shaadi.

Borgo Finocchieto most expensive holiday destinations

The vineyard, Borgo Finocchieto, according to Forbes is the second most expensive holiday destinations! And it has hosted former US President Barack Obama and Michelle Obama during their Italian trip.