This ‘gulab jamun’ pizza is all over the internet

Picture of weird ‘gulab jamun’ pizza is receiving hate online:

This is not for the first time that someone has experimented with food, earlier too many dishes went viral on the internet which resulted in floods of comments. This time, it is a picture of weird ‘gulab jamun’ pizza which has left people in a baffled state.

We all might have had capsicum, onion, tomato and, for that matter even pineapple as a pizza topping but what about gulab jamun? Picture of three such bizarre pizzas with khoya, rose petals, sliced almonds and gulab jamuns on the top is doing rounds on social media and, no one is happy about it.

While many asked why the dish was made in the first place, one said, “Italy please invade us and just end it all”, while another user wrote, “Burn it down”.

Check out the picture here:

Source- Indian Express

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