Signs that he is loyal to you

Surefire signs that he is a keeper! 

In a relationship, we expect time, attention and care. But most important is honesty, your relationship can be successful only if your partner is loyal to you. It is easy to start a relationship, but, it is hard to maintain. His words might be sweet, but his actions prove it all. If he is loyal boyfriend when he does not hide things from you, then you are in the stalker zone. Here are some signs which prove he is loyal in the relationship. However there is a very small gap between trust and acting obsessive, keep some breathing space.


• He will always make an eye contact

He will make eye contact while talking to you. He is so in love with you that he cannot stop looking at you. Even if you will catch him staring you he will not stop looking, he can’t get enough of you.

• He will always speak of future using “us”

When the relationship gets older, we all think about the future. He really loves you when he thinks of the future. He will never want to lose you. All his future plans will include you, he will make plans for both of you.


• He makes you a priority

You are always on his mind, he keeps on thinking about you. While making plans he will keep you in consideration, he will reserve time for you and stick to it. He will make decisions according to you. Like he will take you to your favorite place for a dinner.

• He will keep you informed

He is loyal when he doesn’t have a reason to hide things from you. He is all clear and open to you. He will inform you of all his plans in advance. He doesn’t want you to be worried. Informing everything strengths the bond.

• He will tell people about you

He will not hide your relationship, he will flaunt it on social media. He would love to hold your hand in public. He is proud to be with you and will make you meet his friends and family. He would love to show you off in front of the world.

Couple forming heart
Couple forming heart

• He will care for you

Even if he is busy you will be on his mind, it is not just about the texts, he will keep on checking you by contacting you. When you are not well he will find out time to remind you about the medicines. Who doesn’t love extra care?

Actions do speak louder than words. It is easy to say “I love you”, but being loyal is more important. When a person will do all the mentioned points, you will feel it.