This Kerala couple’s photo-shoot has gone viral

Couple falls off canoe during pre-wedding shoot

In the past few years the craze of pre-wedding shoots has gone up, almost every couple hire a good photographer to capture their beautiful shots before they tie the knot. Though everyone dreams of having the best pictures at this time but as the saying goes you should always expect the unexpected.

Recently a couple named Tijin Thankachen from Thiruvalla and Silpa from Changanacherry wanted to get a unique pre-wedding shoot done so, they chose an amazing location in Kerala for their pictures but things did not go well as they thought.

Their video while getting the shoot done has gone viral where they can be seen holding a banana leaf over their heads. When the duo tried to kiss unfortunately they fell into the water, and the canoe overturned. The couple and photographers are then seen laughing about how things panned out. This clip has got over 1.5 lakh views on their Facebook page.

Check out their video here:

The surprising part about the whole incidence is that it was not an accident, it was all planned but the photographers revealed this to the couple at the end. They really loved it and along with that also went lolz.