This Mumbai auto has a washbasin & TV!

Check out why an auto-rickshaw is making heads turn:

A Mumbai autorickshaw driver has been turning heads and making headlines on social media after he turned his three-wheeler into what he claims is the city’s first home system auto-rickshaw.

Satyawan Gite’s autorickshaw offers facilities like a washbasin, mobile phone charging points, plants and a television screen among other conveniences. There is also a sticker posted on the back of the vehicle: Take airplane ride experience”

He told the media: You can charge your phone in my auto, there is purified drinking water, and there is washbasin. I also don’t charge senior citizens for rides up to 1 km. The reason I did this is that I wanted to provide better services to passengers,”

People are fans of the rickshaw and passengers can enjoy music on Bluetooth speakers or watch something on a television screen using their mobiles.

Many people are impressed by this. Check out people’s reaction below:

Earlier this year, one more auto rickshaw driver was praised on the internet for giving his vehicle a green makeover, by planting plants and flowers on his vehicle.