This Mumbai hotel is winning hearts

Mumbai hotel’s sweet gesture touched everyone’s heart:

Everyone loves having delicious food in a good ambiance but eating alone is not that fun. However due to work many people have to stay away from family and have their meals without them. Recently, a man Prakash Mallya, MD at Intel India, Sales and Marketing Group stopped at one of the restaurants of the Trident hotel in Bandra Kurla complex to have dinner.

After spotting hi alone, the hotel staff placed a fishbowl at the table to ensure he had some company. Mallya really got impressed with their sweet gesture and shared it on social media. He wrote “The hotel staff come by to leave this on my table as company given I was eating alone. So nice & thoughtful and something that’s never happened in all my travel thus far😊!”

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His post immediately went viral and many Netizens praised the hotel for being so kind.

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