This video of sweet Maggie has shocked the world!

People have the most hilarious reactions for the sweet rose milk Maggie:

Maggie is one of the most loved snacks and there are hundreds of ways to make it. People have their favorite versions of Maggie. Masala Maggie is the classic one but we love cheese, extra spicy, chili Maggie, Chinese maggies and the list just goes on. But some people are taking experimentation to another level.

One of the Twitter users decided to share a recipe for sweet Maggie cooked in milk and some people hated it.

Check out the video:

In the video a woman can be seen making a sweet Maggie by adding milk, rose petals and condensed milk to it. And this is what netizens are not liking.

The video got more than 2.5 lakh views and countless comments. However, the unusual recipe didn’t impress the users. And some reactions were just amazing, have a look:

Check out people’s reaction below: