Things you should not search on Google

To stay safe never surf these things listed below:

The World is growing and, improvising digitally day by day however, with these perks also come a lot of scams. In today’s time almost every one of us is dependent on Google so, it’s shock to know that what all can really happen through this search engine. Here are the 10 things you must not search if you want to be safe.

Source- Paypal
  • Never search your bank’s online banking website directly without knowing the exact official URL. This is because; there may be many fake similar sites that would ask you to log in your Id and password which in result can lead to fraud.
  • There are different types of people; some are smart enough to detect what’s wrong while others can easily be fooled. For such innocent people, there are fraudsters who post fake business listings and customer care numbers on websites so, you should never search a company’s customer care number on Google
  • To install any kind of official app go to Google Play for Android phones and App Store for iPhones. Searching it on Google might lead to fake app installations with malware content.
  • Nothing is more important than health. Google not always gives accurate information so it’s better not to search for any medicines or symptoms for any disease on it. Just consult a good doctor and go for proper treatment.
  •  This is one of the most common mistakes that many people do. Everyone has a different financial plan and mindset. So, avoid taking advice from Google search results while investing.
  • Government websites like municipality tax, hospitals, etc are prime targets of scammers. Therefore, always directly visit any particular government website instead of searching for it on Google.


  • Undoubtedly mostly every one of us opens the login page for accessing any social media site. However, do you know that this is not really safe and there are chances of getting scammed? So, it is advisable to directly type the URL in the address box of your browser for logging in.
  • There are many ads of great deals online but not all of them are true. Most of them are strategies to steal the person’s net banking details so be careful before falling for any such offers
  • Avoid searching for Antivirus apps or software on Google as there are scores of fake products out there and it becomes difficult to identify the original ones.
  • If you are getting a coupon code on the official page of your shopping website then, it’s fine but doesn’t search for them on Google. There might be fake sites you stuck to, who would be selling them on cheap price just to grab your banking details.