Tips to make your lipstick stay longer under the mask 

Check out some easy tips that will help you make your lipstick last longer under the face mask: 

Every girl loves applying makeup, it makes one feel confident. I believe a dash of lipstick can do the magic and make a difference. However, the new normal is wearing masks and are you also worried that your lipstick might not stick for long? Well, do not worry we have some simple tricks which will make your lipstick last longer. Check out how to make your lipstick stay longer under your face mask. 

  • Make sure to exfoliate your lips properly 

This not only promises a smoother application but also makes the color stay longer.  Flaky lips rarely provide any color and we often peel or bite on them. Make sure you take care of your lips and exfoliate them twice a week. Keep applying lip calm on them. u

  • Use a lip liner 

A lip liner not only improves the color of the lip shade, but it also prevents the lipstick from bleeding. Go for a similar shade of your lips and line the outer corners and then fill the gap. 

  • Lipstick formula 

Choosing the correct formula is important. The different formulas range are velvet finish, matte and glossy. When applying lipstick under the mask go for a matte texture, as they dry quickly and are transfer-proof. 

  • Loose powder to rescue 

In case you don’t have a matte lipstick make sure you set your lipstick with a loose powder. Just dab some loose translucent powder on your lips. It will seal the lipstick preventing it from bleeding.