Twitter down and users start meme fest!

Check out funny memes created by twitter users, as the site goes down:

If you are a Twitter user you must be aware that it crashed globally for a couple of hours on Wednesday. Users all around the world were shocked and felt tizzy for not being able to access the micro-blogging website. The major impact points were Japan and the UK.

Users saw a message on their timeline “Something went wrong” as the platform remained inaccessible on mobile and web both.

Some users who saw the message, “Cannot retrieve tweets at this time. Please try again later”, wondered if their account had been suspended. While others unsuccessfully tried the usual way of uninstalling and re-installing the app, just to get it to work again.

However when twitter returned after a short outage, people come up with hilarious and sarcastic memes about how they felt when the site was down using #TwitterDown.

Check out the memes below: