Unlock 1 and Why you should not step out

Even as India unlocks, here are a few reasons not to step out yet!

Finally, many say, the lockdown has ended. But are we free to go out? Not really! If anything the virus seems to be spreading faster. I mean we started at 600 and have become about 2 lakh as Lockdown 4 ends. Lockdown 4 many feels were the starting of trouble as many things opened and the virus spread faster. Here’s why:

Covid-19 still has no cure:

That is the main point we all need to remember. Corona Virus still has no medication or cure till now and people need to remember this.

We are in the community spread:

Expert has been saying this from a few weeks now, the government still isn’t but look at the way cases are shooting up. We need to admit the possible fatal community spread has begun and the numbers will increase.

Herd Immunity:

I, like many of you, heard about it only after a few countries tried this model. But healthcare across the world isn’t sure if this virus, COVID-19 is relatively new, can be stopped with herd immunity. This means about 70% of the population has to get Covid-19 to protect the others!

Our healthcare is already crashing:

The numbers from the government look all perfect but the real stories that are shared on social media are scary. They are what a nightmare for an average middle class Indian is made of, people being refused a bed, people being told to bring their own ventilator! Our country never had a strong healthcare system but this is going to crash it completely.

Do you agree?