Unlock 1.0: Everything you need to know

Here is everything you need to know about the activities allowed during the Unlock 1.0 phase of lockdown.

India is preparing to lift the lockdown restrictions as the economy continues to take a hit due to coronavirus. The center has allowed states to resume some of the activities and they can slowly restore normalcy. This, however, does not include containment zones and the activities are to resume only outside them. The lockdown will continue till 30th June but some activities are now allowed from June 1. 

Source- Hindustan Times

Many states have released their separate guidelines and the lockdown will be eased in phases. Phase I is to begin from 8th June and includes the opening of religious places, malls, hotels, and restaurants. 

Phase II is set to begin from July and the center will release guidelines regarding opening up schools, colleges, coaching institutes, and other educational institutes. 

Phase III will include the resumption of metro services, auditoriums,  swimming pools, gymnasiums, cinema halls, theatres, entertainment parks, etc. Decisions will be made regarding public gatherings of different natures. 

For now, people are allowed to move interstate and the government allows movement of goods and cargo trades. However, states are allowed to place restrictions depending on their method of dealing with this pandemic. 

A night curfew will be placed from 9 pm to 5 am and people who are more vulnerable to the virus have been advised to stay at home. 

This does not mean that people should think that the pandemic is over. People should take all the necessary precautions and should not go out unnecessarily.