Viral: Imagine Dragons love this school for singing ‘believer’

Imagine Dragons noticed a tweet that went viral in which Indian students were singing their famous song ‘ Believer’.

A twitter user who goes by the name @HaramiParindey shared a video of school children singing ‘Believer’ during their morning assembly.

The caption under the photo was “Hey @Imaginedragons – schools in India are singing Believer in the morning assembly.”

The netizens were amused to see this happening and the video shared by the user received 142k views.

But wait! This wasn’t even the best part. The band took notice and retweeted the video!

The lead vocalist of the band also appreciated the spirit and shared this video with the caption “So beautiful. Thank you for sharing this”

We hope this gives inspiration to other schools and they find interesting ways to kick start their morning assemblies. This, however, was during a performance practice of an annual function.

Imagine Dragon is one of the most popular bands to date and have had other famous songs that people all over the world listen to. The band is originally from Las Vegas, Nevada.