Virat Kohli’s photo checking the pitch goes viral

Check out the memes inspired by Virat Kohli’s viral photo on the pitch

Virat Kohli is the internet’s favorite person when it comes to memes and trolling. This time, he gave the netizens another opportunity.

A photo of him sitting on his knees and checking the pitch of the Barsapara cricket stadium, Guwahati, went viral. The match was between India and Sri Lanka.

The photo was clicked before the T20I series and the match was canceled due to rain.  The picture of Virat Kohli checking the pitch was shared by BCCI on their twitter handle.

” Next inspection at 9.30 PM IST *fingers crossed*” The tweet read.

People were quick to respond to the picture edited the photo to turn it into funny memes and the social media was flooded with Virat Kohli memes yet again!

Here are some of the most hilarious picks:

Which one did you like the best?