World War 3 memes all over the internet amid Russia-Ukraine tension 

World War 3 memes are all over the internet after Putin sends troops to Ukraine: 

The tension between Ukraine and Russia leveled up on Thursday after explosions were heard in several Ukrainian cities after an attack by the Russian military. As per the Ukrainian government, the attack killed over 40 soldiers in the country. This came just a day after the United Kingdom and the European Union imposed certain sanctions on Russia, blacklisting several banks and politicians.

As per the reports Russian separatist groups had captured two towns in Ukraine after the attack, paving way for a possible invasion of the country. 

As the conflict intensified a lot of people started to speculate that this might be the beginning of the third world war.  #WWIII and #WW3 started trending and there were memes all over the internet regarding the same. 

Check out the memes: