Why you shouldn’t overuse Keratin hair treatment

The harm from Keratin outweighs its benefits many say! Read on to know more:

Keratin hair treatment has become popular amongst women as it is the natural protein found in hair and strengthens the hair. It has visible benefits for the hair and people prefer it over smoothening and rebonding.

It not only removes the frizz from hair but also makes them more manageable and straightens the curls and waves, giving a new look to the person.

Source- Body and Soul

Apart from Keratin treatment, this protein has now become a part of many hair care products as people want to reap similar benefits and keep their hair looking shiny and lustrous. While it does improve the hair quality, excess of anything is bad. Here are the reasons why you shouldn’t overdo with Keratin.

Effects of too much Keratin

It is important to understand the structure of our hair stands before discussing the effects of too much Keratin.

Our hair has three layers: Cuticle, Cortex, and Medulla, Cuticle being the outermost layer. accumulation of excess products can keep the nutrients from reaching the innermost layer of the hair, affecting the overall health of your locks. It can also keep the moisture locked out, resulting in dry and dull hair, which is just the opposite effect of Keratin treatment.

Your hair may start to look tangled, dull, and may even break easily. Overuse of Keratin can also affect its elasticity.

Frequency of Keratin treatment

The products used for the treatment also contain other chemicals that can affect your hair health. One Keratin treatment from the salon can last you for up to 6 months. Depending on the condition of your hair, a hair expert can help you decide on the frequency of the treatment.

Make sure you also know how often should you use keratin enriched shampoo and conditioners as some are not meant for daily use.