Life hacks every woman needs to know

Balance is a must for all women
Life Hacks

For all the multi-tasker women out there, we have gathered some cool hacks that will make life simpler. Check out how you can take your daily routine to the next level.

1. Magnetic Organization

Put a magnetic strip in your dressing room or bathroom to get all your metal things (bobby pins,nails get organized.

2. Deodorize pants

Pack your jeans in a plastic bag and keep them in freezer overnight to get rid of any bad odour.

3. Get a perfect lip-line

Using a lipliner , draw an X  on the center of your upper lip.  Now fully line and fill in the rest of your lips to give your matching lipstick something to grip on to.

Ice Cube tray
Ice Cube tray

4. Ice cube tray jewelry organizer

Store your jewellery systematically in ice cube tray.

5. Wake up with a bang

Keep you cell phone in a glass, this will crank up the volume plus you cannot press snooze button without waking up .


6. Walnut Magic

If your wooden furniture has lost its appeal due to a ding, rub a walnut and it will cover it up. Magical isn’t it.

7. Heat food like a pro

While heating food in a microwave, leave some space in the middle, this will quickly heat the food.

8. Conquering that knot

To open a mighty knot, twist the loose end as much as possible and push it out and bingo!

9. Pillow transformation

Are you going to throw that flat pillow into the dustbin? Wait, keep it under the sunlight for just 30 minutes, it will soak the moisture. Well you can use these 30 minutes to regret your previous decision.

Hacks you must know

10. Can’t open the nail polish bottle?

Put a rubber band around your bottle, this shall provide you more grip and woohooo . . . the struggle is gone.

If you have something more to add into this, share the same with us in comments below.