Lip balms for smoother lips this winter

In winters the dry air makes lips dry and often they peel and bleed. Winters are often synonymous with dry and cracked lips. Lip balms and sticks are the only solution. Most lip balms seal the moisture which makes lips softer and supple. Here is a pick of our all time favourites:

  • Nivea lip balm: Fruity shine Nivea lip balm: Fruity shine Nivea has a range of lip balms most of them in the fruity shine range. The have an amazing fruity smell and a hint of colour.
  • Burt's Bee Burt's Bee Burt’s Bees made its India foray last month with Sephora and had us hooked! It comes in various flavours and has some tinted ones too. The lip balm comes in a bright yellow tube and contains peppermint oil which tingles on your lips.
  • Body Shop: Born Lippy Body Shop: Born Lippy The body shop lip balms come in tubs called Born Lippy. They are great but dipping finger into a tub makes it unhygienic.
  • Vaseline Vaseline This multitasking product is the best to cure chapped or cracked lips.
  • Maybelline baby lips Maybelline baby lips It’s packaged in a cute tube. There are many flavours but no colour. Works best in subtle winters.
  • LipIce LipIce Many teens and women are in love with LipIce as it gives a subtle pink colour depending on the pH balance of your lips.


These brands have helped us get gorgeous lips this winter. Do you have any favorite lip balms? Tell us by commenting below: