List of most used things in 2020

Here is a list of the most used and popular products that were ordered in 2020.

This year, many things were sold almost excessively and the lockdown created many habits that everyone is still following. Whether it was cooking or exercising, people were adjusting to the new life and hence prepared for the year-long lockdown and working remotely.

Looking back at the year, we now realize that many people were buying the same things and commodities which also boosted the sales of those particular products and helped local businesses thrive during these difficult times. Here is the compiled list of most used things in 2020. Take a look at these popular products of the year below:

Exercise bands


peel-off mask

Source- Brides

Laptop accessories

Source- Trend Hunter

Sanitiser and face mask


Wireless chargers

Source- Mobile Fun

Board games

Source- Forbes

Pocket Scarves

Source- Pinterest

Eyebrow razor

Source- RegulusTLK

Phone tripod

Source- The New York Times

Here are some of the most ordered and used products during the lockdown. Which ones do you have at home?