Review: Nykaa Cookie Crumble nail polish

Here is the review for Nykaa Cookie Crumble nail polish:

Nails are a beauty accessory for today’s fashionable women. A single stroke of the nail paint makes them look pretty. Usually, I prefer shades of pink but recently while checking out I found its Cookie crumble collection which is their latest nail paint collection. As soon as I saw them I was excited to buy and ordered 2 of them. After using it, I decided to do a review for you guys, check it out below:


The collection has 7 shades and I picked Goey marshmallow and Strawberry crinkle.

Price: It is priced at INR 199/-


I would really like to appreciate nykaa for such a cute and creative packaging. It comes in a square shaped bottle with a long cap. The cap has the cookie like crumbles on it, matching to the texture of the nail paint which will surely remind  you of an oreo cookie shakes.

My take on it:

The nail paint gives a very smooth finish and is very comfortable in wearing. It has different base with same black crumbles. I had to apply 2-3 coats to get the 100% opaque look. The lasting power is average too because it starts chipping off the nails.The drying process does require some time but once done it makes the hands look  classy. The only negative point of the nail paint is that the crumbles doesn’t come off easily. Otherwise, I am totally drooling over it.


  • Lovely shades
  • Longer stay
  • Suitable for every skin tone
  • The long applicator makes the application easy
  • Affordable and easily available on Nykaa stores online and offline
  •  A different concept from plain nail polishes.


  • Removing it is a difficult task
  • Chips off from the tips

Rating: I would give it 3.95/5.