5 reasons you must shop from thrift stores

These reasons will convince you to go thrift shopping.

We love adding something new to our wardrobe every once in a while. Shopping is a hobby we pick with age but there is a way to shop responsibly and that is not only easy on the pocket but your choices can also save the planet. This is why you should thrift shop. 

Thrift shopping is not a new concept but is becoming more and more popular. With so many people shifting towards sustainable fashion, thrift shops have helped people stay stylish, save money and even helps save water! 

Source- 34th Street Magazine

Want to know other amazing reasons to thrift shop? Keep on reading. 

1.Thrift shopping reduces your carbon footprint

It is one of the most environment-friendly habits to pick. It does not require any extra effort and you would be reducing your carbon footprint by folds. The resources, energy and transportation that goes into manufacturing new clothes are a lot, and purchasing second-hand items can change things. 

2.Fewer clothes end up in landfills 

Clothes are thrown away more often than we realise. They end up in landfills and create waste that takes years and years to decompose. Thrifting is a way to recycle things and we all have been taught to practice the three Rs. This is one way to do it. 

3.You find unique pieces in thrift stores 

When we shop from popular retail stores, we often see racks of similar clothes and a lot of people wear them. Thrift shopping gives you a chance to add unique clothing pieces to your wardrobe and you find great vintage clothes as well. 

4.It helps contribute to charities 

There are so many charities that accept clothes and you can contribute. Some thrift stores also donate to these charities and you be a part of it just by being their customer. 

5.Great way to stay stylish on a budget 

Fashion and styling are for everyone. If you are a student or on a tight budget, thrift stores are a paradise for you as a lot of money can be saved. Some of the pieces are as good as new and not worn that many times. 

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Here are some reasons to go thrift shopping. Have you ever been to a thrift store?