Thoughts girls get when they look at their body

Things that come in girls mind when they see their N*de Body:

Almost every girl has a habit of checking out her body when they are standing in front of the mirror. Though it’s good to keep a check on your parts but what’s funny and weird is, the thoughts that we get at such moments. So, here are some of them that you would definitely relate to.

  1. Do I have a sexy Body? I think I need to do a lot of exercise and heavy workouts.

2. My Boobs are not that hot like other girls. I will start wearing padded now.

3. My tummy is bigger in size than my breast. This is something I never wanted to happen.

4. Vow, I can wear a Bikini because I am not that fat. It will really suit me and look sexy too.

5. Why do most people like big Ass, I think this is a perfect size that I have. Too big seems really weird.

6. My body was not like this earlier, something is really wrong. Can’t understand have I gained or lost weight?

7. I don’t know will he find my naked body attractive or not? I am so nervous for that moment.

8. Should I go for a Bikini Wax now? My vagina looks too scary and untidy.

9. My Nipples are so saggy. How should I fix them?

10. At times I get a thought that What if I would be a Porn Star? I have such a perfect shape that can seduce anyone.