What makes me a bad mother

Mother with baby/freedigitalphotos
Mother with baby/freedigitalphotos

Motherhood is a beautiful feeling but with this comes a lot of responsibilities  and duties. In India mothers are expected to become a selfless person who have no other work but to look after the baby. If you are slogging with your baby then you are a good mother but if you try to act smart to make your life comfortable you are considered an irresponsible mother.

 Team AAW talked to a bunch of new mothers who are efficiently handling everything with few modern tricks and are proud about it but they also disclosed that how people judge them on many silly things.
Me time: I have my life and I want it to live it to the fullest. I am human so I do need some me time when I can just relax and do whatever I want to. Once a week I leave my kid with my mother or mother I law and spend the whole day shopping or meeting old friends. Spending some time with my self refreshes me but few think that I am very selfish who leaves her kid at home to enjoy alone.
My baby has a nanny: I have my ambitions and my career is important for me so it gets difficult for me to manage both work and baby together and thats why I take help of a nanny who can look after my baby till the time I am busy. “How can a nanny take care of your kid, I can never leave my kid with anyone , is what I often get to listen.
Formula Feed: Mother’s milk is the best and giving formula to my baby makes me a criminal because giving top feed to the baby is  considered a crime by some. There are times when you are not well or are too tired to sit for long hours  in those situations formula is an saviour and till the time my baby is not habitual to it how will he accept the feed during those difficult situations.
Pacifier: Mother’s boob is a natural pacifier so whats the need for an artificial one, asks few. Just because I simply can’t be a pacifier all the time for my baby so I opted for a soother so that he doesn’t cry unnecessarily.
Diapers: I am a lazy mother thats why I keep my baby in diapers 24X7. I should keep him open and let him pee and poop anywhere in the house thats what my  neighborhood  aunties wants me to.