Tips to dress the curvy woman in you!

Much has been said and discussed about being comfortable in your own skin and to have pride in what you are naturally bestowed with. And I for one am pompously bestowed with ample curves,and yes, I love them to bits. But that does not mean that at times we can not just dig into the treasure box of smart tips and tricks to dress that gorgeous curvy body of ours. And do not fret, you do not need to swivel between all the possible tips and tricks, because we at All About Women have sifted the top 5 for you girl!

1. Shape-Wears are our best friends

Invest in a good shapewear
Invest in a good shape wear

Well fitted inner wear makes all the difference when it comes to dressing up, and especially when we are playing with fuller body structures. A well fitted inner wear makes the body look smoother and the lines neater. And I know how tormenting a shape wear can be (trust me, I have been there, done that) but all that effort is totally worth it when the dresses we wear atop them show up completely smooth without any lines or lumps showing from beneath. Always invest in a tight shape wear which covers your main problematic area, be it tummy, bust, waist, hips or thighs, or an all-over shape wear if you want that extra oomph.

2. Chose Tailor-made clothes over Pre-Stitched ones

Go for tailor made dress
Go for tailor made dress

No matter how tempting that dress hung on your favourite show room might look to you right now, trust me if that dress was made to tailor fight your body, your silhouette would accept it more gracefully. Trust me when I say that a tailor-fit dress makes all the difference in the world as every inch of your dress is made to fit on that gorgeous body snugly!

3. Cinch that waste

Waists are generally the thinnest and the most narrowest part of a body, and when it comes to fuller, curvy structures our waists are what have the potentiality to give our overlook the desired tinge of femininity. Invest in smart belts, be it narrow or wide (although I would suggest to go for thin belts, but whatever suits your mood) and cinch that waist to raise the heat!

A-line dresses made of flowy fabrics
A-line dresses made of flowy fabrics

4. Wear Maxi and A-line dresses made of flowy fabrics

Maxi Dresses and A-line Skirts are the best bet when you want to go all girly on the town. Iknow skater dresses and all those Kim Kardashian style clingy dresses look lucrative, but if you really want to flatter those curves opt for flowy fabrics and choose A-line skirts and full length maxi dresses a go!

5. Flaunt those Curves

Do not, I repeat, do not try to cover up those gorgeous curves of yours under over sized sweat shirts and super-loose tees! Yes, Deepika may look gorgeous wearing over sized tees and tight leggings, but we on the other hand need to accept our curvaceous bodies and dress accordingly. Neither too loose, nor too skimpy; but always take pride in yourself.