Ways to recycle your old clothes

Here are some tips to recycle your old clothes and lead a sustainable life.

It is time to be conscious about our choices and a lot of landfills are full of clothes that could have easily been recycled. If you have old clothes that are no longer useful to you, there are so many ways to make use of them still. Here are some ideas to recycle and reuse old clothes that you will surely find helpful. 

Source- Cleverly
  • Swap your old clothes with your friends. Remember looking through each other’s wardrobe through college? Well, you can definitely swap your clothes for some of theirs. This may even encourage people around you to do the same. 
  • Reach out to thrift stores. If the clothes are in good condition then you can give them away to thrift stores and they can sell them further. 
  • Use beautiful lace to change the look of your clothes. You can play around with colours and even make them look festive. 
  • Reach out to a textile recycling company instead of throwing away worn-out clothes. It is difficult to repurpose faded and worn-out tops but textile recycling companies find it useful. 
  • There are many DIY videos that can help you make something new out of your clothes. You can definitely experiment with that. 

Here are some ways to recycle your old clothes. Which one is your preferred way?