Ways to wear red this VDay without looking extra

Valentine is here and everyone is looking for a fabulous outfit to wear to their date nights! Dressing and pairing up is something that every fashionista enjoys and leaves no chance to woo their partners with chic outfits. 

Still confused about how to work red color into your outfits without looking extra? 

Here are some ways to include the color of love in your outfit of the day:

Red handbag

If you don’t feel like wearing red clothes but still want to stick with the theme then pick a red handbag off the shelf and you’ll be good to go. It will look great with a monochromatic outfit. 


Pair your dress with red stilettoes. This not only goes with the occasion but will also add a pop of color to your outfit.  


Keep yourself warm and ditch dress for a classy jumpsuit. Accessorize it with a simple necklace and soft makeup for the night. 

Red lipstick 

 A simple outfit with a classic red lip is perfect for a girl who does not like to dress up too much. Pick the perfect red according to your skin tone and a dazzling outfit to go with it!

Chunky sweater 

If you wish to go for a casual look, pair a chunky sweater with denim jeans and boots and keep yourself warm on a cold evening!

Here are some outfit ideas that you can work with. It is always good to experiment with your looks and maybe you can give valentine’s day a try this time!