Do’s and Don’ts of a Valentine’s Day first date

On Valentine’s Day, people only think about flowers , candlelit dinners or gifts when taking the girl out on a date and nothing beyond that. But good etiquette says that one’s attention should be undivided when having dinner with another person. This goes double when on a date and triple when the stakes are high, such as on Valentine’s Day. We have compiled a list of Do’s and Don’ts that should see you through the date.

  • Cell phones and smart phones aren’t rude devices, but when put in the hands of people who forget to switch them off while on a date, they become the object of dark stares and raised eyebrows. The same goes for texting. Why reach out to or respond to another person on such an intimate, romantic evening?


So if you are also going out on date , here are few things to keep in mind
Rules for men

  • Never wait till the last minute to ask the lady out. Make sure you get this one right. Having said that, don’t make yourself seem too over the top. Ideally, a week before the day is a good enough time frame.
  •  Make sure your chose a good florist – ideally once you choose your florist you should stay with them as this will ensure a relationship is built up and they will learn what suits you best.
  • Special and meaningful doesn’t have to mean expensive. If on a tight budget, cook at home. There is nothing like a home cooked meal. It also lets you get creative with the menu and dish out some of the lady’s favorite flavours/dishes.
  • Usher the lady out the car, hold the door for her, seat her at the table-And do so because you care and want make her feel special.
  • If eating out, make sure you make your reservation well in time. It is one of the busiest nights and you wouldn’t want to falter. Also, manage your expenses well before the big date. Nothing can ruin the night more than a credit card that just got declined.
  • When getting the cheque, offer to pay unless the lady offers to ‘go dutch’. Refusing once is a good practice but not at the cost of getting into a tug of war. It is also still fair to say that when in doubt, whoever does the asking, does the paying. Some women like having their meal paid for, others don’t.
  • Remember to always maintain eye contact, but not in a creepy way, while on the date. This day is about the couple expressing the love and affection they share.
  • No one wants to be courted by someone with bad breath or dirty nails – your image and persona is vital for success. You don’t have to be dressed from top to toe in Savile Row, but cleanliness and style will pay dividends. When dressing yourself, remember there are sartorial rules for a reason. Break them at your peril!
  • Never go around looking for a woman or asking a woman you know out on a date a day before Valentines Day. Nothing spells out more desperate that this!!


Rules for women

  • The most important thing to remember is that men are different from women. Give men some space so they can reflect on what a catch you are. Relationships where you spend every second together don’t tend to last. In general, men may be more laid back whilst the girls have a tendency to worry. Celebrate the differences rather then fretting over them.
  •  Dress to respect all the effort put in by the man to make this day extra special for you.
  • There is nothing that lets down the mood more thanflip-flops at a fine dining restaurant. Hence, it is also a good practice to ask your date what the dress code for the night is. This could help you dodge some disasters.
  • Remember to keep in mind what your dress says about your intentions.
  • Nothing sparkles more than your eye under the candlelight. Hence you should dazzle them all the way. Keep your make up simple yet elegant for a sit down dinner. If your date is the creative sort, it could be interesting for you to experiment with colors and style. Your date is sure to appreciate the originality.
  • Even though you have known your date for the longest time, please reserve your everyday gossip for another day. This day is about both of you. Focus on letting the man talk and know things about him that you dint before.
  • Leave your baggage behind and literally so. There is nothing worse than a woman scuffle through her bag to find that lip-gloss. Invest into a classy clutch to carry the necessary.

By Sheena Aggarwal, Image Consultant, Urbanista Image Consulting LLP