Why you must skip wearing shape wear daily!

Shape wear can lead to health issues. Read more:

Many women use shape wear to look attractive and highlight their figure. At times it is okay to use a shape wear but, our body is sensitive and we should be careful. Wearing a shape wear daily tends to squeezes your organs and leads to many problems that you may not know. So, here are some major reasons why you should avoid wearing shape wear every day.

1.    It can result in UTI

Reasons why you should avoid wearing shape wear every day

 When we wear anything that is too tight and is not easy to pull in and out, at times we delay natures calls. And delaying that need to pee can be harmful as it leads to infections in the urinary tract.

2.    It leads to Acid reflux

While wearing shape wear our stomach, intestines, and colon are compressed. This compression affects our digestive system and leads to Acid reflux and heartburn.

3.    Creates gas and bloating

Shape wear has a negative effect on our digestion, it creates a problem in the normal functioning of the digestive system as it squeezes our organs. In such situations, gas and bloating are the common problems that are faced due to regular use.

4.    Leads to varicose veins and blood clots

Reasons why you should avoid wearing shape wear every day

Wearing a shape wear continuously gives pressure on your limbs. This continued pressure for a long time on limbs can lead to varicose veins and blood clots.

5.    Shortness of breath

The pressure that comes from shape wear not only affects stomach and veins but also your breathing. The tightness stops your diaphragm from properly widening when you breathe, which at times lead to shortness of breath and hyperventilation.

6.    Bacteria thrives!

When you wear something that is body-hugging, you sweat more and that moisture gets accumulated in the private parts which form a ground for bacteria.

7.    May affect your posture

Mostly women use shape wear for improving their posture and look good. But, wearing a shape wear everyday weakens your core muscles which affect your posture in a negative way.

8.    Causes Folliculitis

Reasons why you should avoid wearing shape wear every day
Source- Dr. Weil

Friction caused by the tight fitting shapewear can lead to folliculitis, in which the bacteria is formed which creates red puss-filled bumps.