5 ways to decrease the screen time during lockdown

Check out some ways to decrease your screen time during the lockdown:

Yes, there are a few more weeks of lockdown left and many of us are getting agitated already. Too much screen time also disturbs your sleep pattern leading to tired eyes and decreased immunity. The best way out? Well, keep those screens away as much as possible. While you do need that laptop for work and Netflix & chill but remember too much of anything is harmful! Here are 5 tried and tested ways we have reduced screen time.

  • Have an internet curfew!

As shocking as this sounds but shutting the WiFi at night say around 9 pm is a great idea. The information overload is as is it creating panic and anxiety. Constant streaming of news is not helping. When you switch off for the night, sit together talk or play some age-old games like antakshari or tambola. This helps unwind for the night!

  • Play games

Take out those board and card games. Remember that is how our lives were before cable TV came? Well, bring back the old times and games for some quality family time.

  • Log out

Every time you scroll your Facebook and Instagram feeds log out of them. Not only will this stop unnecessary scrolling, but it will also make sure you need to do the effort of adding your password which often deters me!

  • Plan your day

Yes, as much as it seems like a pain, plan your day in advance so that you do not scroll mindlessly. We all know this lockdown is going to stay for a bit so rather than wasting time having a set schedule helps you deal with laziness too.

  • Learn something new

While some require the screen, like an upskilling online course from Coursera or amazing cooking from youtube. I prefer learning recipes from my mother-in-law! And painting and reading in free time.

Try this and you will sleep deeper, have better immunity and importantly worry less!