Lockdown: Work from home Expectations Vs Reality

Check out the expectations Vs reality of working from Home in this coronavirus lockdown:

The coronavirus pandemic has caused many countries to lockdown, in order to prevent it from spreading. This means people are getting work from home. Yes, working from home is a privilege but it comes with various difficulties as a week, you, expect to work more, but the reality is it is tough than it seems. Working on the bed can be really hard because it makes you sleepy. So, here are some hilarious work from home expectations and reality:

  • Expectations: You will wake up at any time

Reality: You have to be online at 10:00 AM

  • Expectation: You can be in your night suit whole day

Reality: You have to get dressed because of video call meeting

  • Expectation: You will work and then go out at lunch

Reality: You can’t go out because of Covid-19 lockdown

  • Expectation: Healthy eating can be done now

Reality: Hello! Dominos, can you take an order?

  • Expectation: Finally, it will be  a change from the office environment

Reality: Working from home is difficult, there are so many distractions.

  • Expectations: Working with some music on sounds good!

Reality: I wasted too much time watching videos!

  • Expectation: You will eat three balanced meals just like you usually would on a workday.

Reality: You eat whole day!

  • Expectation: I should take a break!

Reality: Opps, I slept for quite a long time.

  • Expectation: Boss will not be around

Reality: 4 missed calls from BOSS!

  • Expectation: Your pets will be the perfect coworkers.

Reality: They are sabotaging your work

  • Expectation: No meeting stuff

Reality: On a video conference call from past one hour