Best web series till July 2019 you must watch

Check out the list of best web series of 2019 till now:

The internet is filled with a lot of great stuff to watch, I have a list full of series to look out. Halfway of 2019 is already here and we have seen some great web series from around the world. Every streaming service launches new shows every other day, it has become a difficult choice to decide what to watch. By the time you are done watching one series, you have two more in your watch list. Here is the list of some of the best web series of 2019:

  • Sex Education

The British teen comedy premiered on Netflix in January and attracted the audience quickly. Though it is a teen comedy it explains the problems that teenager’s face that could impact their life as adults. The series was watched by over 40 million households in four weeks of its debut. It is a great and entertaining series.

The series is based on the 2012 Delhi Nirbhaya case that put the nation in shock. In this series you see the case unfold through the eyes of police officials and how they managed to arrest the culprits. You get an in-depth knowledge of the case through the series. The makers have announced a second season as well.

  • Kota factory

It is a five episode series by TVF which is set in Kota where students from all over the country come to prepare for IT entrance exams. The series focuses on how some students choose this life and it is not bad as it is thought. It is India’s first black and white web series

  • Made in Heaven

It is Amazon Prime’s first good series. The series was a huge success and deserved it. The cast, story, plot, and direction everything was on point. The story focuses on the lives of two protagonists Tara and Karan as they try to manage their business and handling the mess in their personal lives.

  • The Twilight Zone

This science fiction series engaged the audience with their unique story and plot. Every episode in the series is different and amazing.