10 dating habits every Indian girl must give up

9 Signs that shows your guy is LoyalDo you always feel that your dating style have become rutted and the guy doesn’t seem interested after a couple of dates? Well if you’re looking for a fresh start, why not refresh your dating style? Here are some bad dating and relationship habits most of us Indian women have from acting like the guy’s mother to being overbearingly dependent:

Waiting for him to make the first move: Ideally he should but if the waiting part pisses you and  you are interested in him please go ahead and make that first move to save yourself from the stress of waiting. Plus if you want to meet some guys, you have to put yourself out there but before bold declarations of love or stalking him, flirt for a bit.

The sanskari virgin act: Uff this typical eighties behaviour can be tiresome. You believe in god, good for you but please do not start fasting for us. It’s scary! The virgin act is commonplace only to discover later you love kissing as much as the next girl! Keep it realistic, he is not looking for marriage material and honestly neither should you before knowing him.

The bad girl gone wild: You love your clubbing, skimpy clothes and alcohol, great,so do men but don’t act like a vamp, Bollywood has always classified fun as characterless girls guys don’t want to type cast you. So despite the exterior show your caring side too.

Acting like his mother: Had dinner? Why are you late? Don’t smoke! Don’t do this that blah blah! We have seen so many girls go down this path. Men love attention but acting like his mother is not going to help. I mean which guy wants to date his mother, sounds pretty incestuous!  Care but be sensible in your questions.

Worrying about that image issue: Most girls often worry about the image a reputation issue but be realistic and look around most girls have guys as friends and classify your guy publically and at home in that category. Do not try to hide and meet up it only adds to the mess.

Project bad boy: Hail Bollywood for feeding this in our minds. Not every bad boy wants an angel to help him. And smoking or drinking are not huge evils. Please never date a bad boy if your intention is to help him out of the mess. It’s annoyingly illogical!

Living in the past: This too is sadly a Bollywood devdas like inspiration which forces us to happily be depressed about your failed relationships, disappointments, or mistakes. Release that baggage and be more open to new experiences and people.

Hiding your true self: I did this one too! My boyfriend (now husband) came to know of my love for getting high on vodka a year later that too when I picked his call by chance at a party where I was high. Needless to say we fought for a few weeks.

You might be a super cool badass chick but do you put on a demure act in front of men or vice versa? Well if you can’t be your real self in a relationship chances are the affair is as fake as your act!

Comparing your relationship to others: Jealousy can make you do weird things. Did your friend get engaged? Are you wondering why your boyfriend isn’t buying you expensive presents? For a real relationship you need to stop the comparison and instead of thinking about your own expectations and needs build a relation with excellent communication skills.

Putting off the big S word: Sex my dear can truly make or break a relationship. Indian women hate intimacy but imagine if your sex life later turns out to be a bucket of cold water? We don’t suggest you go all the way but kissing, cuddling and an occasional make out session will give you an idea if the fire is there.