10 Turn-offs women commit!

Why these turn-offs can be annoying!

10 Turn-offs women commit!

We ladies like to do a lot to turn on our men, from (painful) bikini wax, to getting in shape to taking hours to dress up ‘perfectly’. All are ways to turn-on our guys but there are many things we do sub-consciously that can turn them down.

Here is a small list:

1.  Yes, you deserve to be in a relationship but please don’t tell the world how desperate you are! Guys come to know this desperation and know that you’ll settle for less than you deserve. Even those womanizers come to know all that a girl wants is to get married. This isn’t the right image girlies!

2.  You’ve proposed to every guy you dated? Was it because you thought he could be The One?

3. You can’t stop bitching. Trashing people is very easy, it takes a woman of stronger character not to judge people.

4. You start smothering your guy. You hate when he hangs out with his friends, family, or office people. Lets just say you are jealous of everyone in his life. No guy wants to date his mom! Give him some space; the ‘me’ time is essential for both him and you.

5. You can’t stop nagging. Do you love nagging your guy? Stop immediately. Constant nagging hugely turns off men.

Weight loss is a must
Weight is a forever issue/pixabay

6. Your weight! OMG! The constant complaining about your weight gain. Your clothes not fitting, your paunch, the calories you consumed.. can kill a guy. Men hate discussing weight. Period.

7. Being too ‘easy’. Most guys know what a female wants. We should behave a bit mysteriously. Stop sharing everything and anything with the guy.  Guys shouldn’t need to play detective but being easy is so not happening.

8.  The dumb lass. Guys don’t want a dumb female. No guy digs on a girl who acts like a bimbette! Have some self-respect and behave intelligently!

9. Never discuss exes with your man. No guy needs details of why your exes was a unfair to you! You are with your new one know, why discuss pass and make things uncomfortable? Are you not over him?

10. Incessant shopping, women, a date is a date. Shopping or meeting in the mall as you blindly go about shopping can irritate any man on the face of this earth!

Ladies tell us what all do we do that turn-off our guys?