Misconceptions about backbenchers

Here we have what backbenchers are always mistaken with

“Stop talking”, “Stand up”, “Keep quiet” – Who gets to hear all this in school? Mostly the backbenchers. The students who sit at the last benches are assumed to be the naughtiest and mischievous ones. In school and college sitting at the last bench is always interesting. Some serious notorious plans are made there though they are never successful.

People who weren’t in the back-bench club always had these judgments about the former which were totally untrue. Team AAW tells  you some common misconceptions about back benchers

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All About Women
  • They are the most mischievous

Backbenchers are always assumed to be the most mischievous ones. Any sound or a prank played in class, the backbenchers are  always blamed. They are always pre-assumed as the culprits.

  • They never pay attention to teachers

Stand up and tell me what I was teaching? This is the most common question that teachers ask from backbenchers.  They are assumed to be talkative and inattentive in the  class so, they won’t be able to answer any questions the teacher ask. Please some one tell the teachers that all students can’t sit at the front seats.

  • Those who do not want to study sit at the back

This is the biggest misconception related to a backbencher. But, this is not true as surprisingly many brilliant minds and toppers can be found in the last rows.

  • They should not be made friends

Students sitting at the last are always kept in the non-friendly zone by the first benchers because they think they have a bad impact. They are considered to be ill-mannered, notorious who just smoke, probably even do drugs, and sleep in the class.

  • Cheaters in exams

Back Benchers are cheaters! Teachers personally think that students sitting in the last row will always cheat. It is assumed that they choose the last seat because they haven’t studied for the exam. They are under special surveillance of the teacher.  But the fact is everyone cheats in the exams and not just backbenchers.

  • They are spoilt and do not have a bright future

Student sitting at the back doesn’t have a bright future. They are dumb and do not want to do anything good in life.

If you are backbenche too away remember “The best brains of the nation may be found on the last benches of the classrooms”- A.P.J Abdul Kalam