Things a girl should never sacrifice for a man

A guide to your happiness in a relationship

We all love the feeling of falling in love. Often we all try to find that one person who will love us as we are! Bollywood too puts these huge pressures on our mind and we tend to try finding that ‘perfect partner.

There are many things women will do for the men they love. Some go so far as to sacrifice their happiness. However, just because something might be done in the name of love does not make it the right thing to do. Here are few things that are not worth sacrificing for any man and you must learn to fight back:

Your happiness

Love is a happy feeling, yes you shouldn’t be smiling like a fool all the time but there must be more good days over bad ones. If the idea of answer your beau’s call makes you miserable, rethink your relationship.

Your friends

If your partner has an opinion (and not so nice ones) about your friends and dislikes when you hangout, give him a talk. Friendships at every stage of life is very important, so is love but his judgments will make you unhappy or anti-social which isn’t healthy.

Self respect

Often this is the first thing most women sacrifice for the sake of a relationship.No one has the right to make you feel unhappy about being you. All your weird habits make you unique and that is who you should be in front of a guy. Weather to stay in a relationship with you or not shouldn’t depend on your ability to say sorry.

Go cashless with your spending

Financial independence

Often in many Indian families women are expected to quit work and take care of the household. This thinking is changing but please do judge if your partner wants you to stay-at-home, your financial independence is your right and no guy should have the right to make you ask for money. It is a macho-ist thing that died centuries back.Try and be your own bread-winner.

Your Family

If a guy expects you to choose between him and your family, you are guaranteed to be miserable for the rest of your life. Your family is a part of you and you can leave them for him.



Just because you found the love of her life, doesn’t mean all your dreams have come true. Everyone has secret hopes, dreams and longings for the future. Being in a relationship should not mean that you have to give up those dreams for him.


PS: A few of these issues can always be worked upon if you love each other but if you feel it is you who needs to compromise, walking away would be a better option in the long run!