Annoying questions people ask when you break-up

In our society, don’t we all love to know what’s going on in others lives? Well, gossip is only a part of it. Most people around us are eager to know what is happening outside and why?

So, in such circumstances, one of the major problems that a girl faces is answering post-break-up. In fact more than separation, the age-old notion of ‘kya kahenge log?’

So, here are some of the most annoying questions people ask when you break up.

Why and how did it happen?

I really don’t understand why they want to know the whole details about my personal life. I feel confused that they broke up or I?

Who broke up? Was it a mutual decision?

 Is it so important for them to know? I should have asked them before taking any step! Huh….

How did you do it? What all you said?

Telling just a short story is not enough for them has to explain each and every sentence and word just the way they were said.

Did you try to find any solution before breaking up?

Wow, great no matter how worse the things become but I should have compromised and think twice before doing it!

Do you feel lonely now?

Oh god, I think since the time I was born my boyfriend was always with me!

Do you miss him?

Such a stupid Question! Deep Breaths, Ya as if he has gone somewhere far from me on a trip or for any work!

Is he dating someone else?

How does it even matter to me now but these people will not let me forget him! They will always talk about him, show me his pictures and then ask how do you feel?

Do you want to see him in the future or any chances for patching up?

Yes of course right now I am I am just relaxing and wanted a break so created this entire scene! Now I will go back to him when I will feel like…..

Will you be able to date someone now?

No, my life has come to an end I will never get married or date anyone now.

Have you moved on?

The most irritating question, even if it’s been only 2 days people just get on your nerves. They always start this topic as if some biggest tragedy the particular girl is going through.