Why college relationships do not last long

Reasons why relationships at colleges do not last long

College time is the best phase of life. Though there are many ups and downs but the memories are forever. Whereas when talking about relationships at college only a few last for long and here are few reasons why

Cheating factor

Cheating is the number one reason why relationships in college fail, simply because there’s a lot of temptation out there. Once college gets over they see the real world.

Long geographical distance

Long-distance relationships in many cases do not last long as the geographical boundaries and limitations once the college is over, leads to breaking up the bonding.

Many take it as a fun time and not as a serious relationship

Its just for fun many times
It’s just for fun many times

At college, maximum relationships are for fun and both the sides accept this fact by thinking that this is the time for them to enjoy rather than being in serious commitments.

Can’t balance time

Relationships fail is because some of us just can’t balance our time. After college you get busy with office which makes balancing between relationship and office work a difficult task.



Half of the relationships break by believing on rumors and not on the person whom they love. Not trusting your partner leads to big quarrels and ultimately lead to getting things over.

The Peer pressure at college

In this age, romance is not a matter of the individual’s heart  but a group affair.Many relationships at college are the result of peer pressure because of which they break up post college.

Too coward to take it a long way

At colleges, we were too lazy and  excited at the same time. We mold things according to our comfort zone but later when things start  getting serious we lack the courage to take it forward.